Welcome to the Property Management Division of Maxprop. For over forty years we have been administering property for a wide range of clients, ranging from the individual residential landlord to listed companies.

Today we administer in excess of R22 billion worth of property, largely in Kwazulu-Natal although we are active in the other major centers.
OUR APPROACH sets us apart
Personalised - we know there is no substitute for the personal attention of a landlord to his own investment, the next best thing is to entrust your investment to Maxprop.
Hands on - we do not subscribe to managing from a desk and believe that by getting to know all aspects of the property, the owner and the tenant we can MAXimise our clients' investment.
Results Orientated
Sectional Title, Share Block & Home Owners Association
Maxprop employs fourteen highly qualified Property Managers, each heading up a team who together will give their personal attention to both residential and commercial complexes of all types in the Durban, Pinetown and surrounding areas.

Heading up this team of dedicated Property Managers is a Property Director with over thirty years' experience in the field and a Finance Director with 33 years' experience.

Our Property Managers are all skilled and well versed in the complexities of the various legislation governing the running of sectional title, share block and home owners associations and keep up to date with the constant changes in all the above. The management of the affairs of today’s complexes is a far cry from the hit and miss affair of the past and requires the expertise of a dedicated team to MAXimise what is probably the average person's biggest single investment.

In addition we have at our disposal the expertise and contacts of all the executives within the Maxprop Group to enable us to contact the right person in whatever circumstances prevail. This ensures that we obtain the best results for our clients.
Maxprop will, amongst other things:
  • Advise you and your trustees about the complexities of running a sectional title development
  • Assist the trustees in the preparation of an annual budget
  • Ensure timeous collection of monthly levies, together with appropriate and proactive credit control
  • Assist the trustees in determining the replacement value of units for insurance purposes
  • Pay monthly accounts once approved by trustees
  • Arrange for and attend the Annual General Meeting or other meetings as required
  • We specialize in tailoring a service to meet your specific requirements and the convenient location of our offices in Durban, Pinetown, Hillcrest and Umhlanga ensure that we are close at hand.
For a no obligation QUOTATION and to see how we can assist you, please contact us.
Berea                Naseera Sewram  
Tel (Office)      (031) 251 7300 
Email                nsewram@maxprop.co.za

Pinetown          Janet Zeeman
Tel (Office)
(031) 701 2341
Umhlanga / North Coast - Thaven Dorasami
Tel (Office)
(031) 572 7180
Hillcrest & beyond - Francis Owen
Tel (Office)
(031) 765 8310
Commercial, Industrial & Retail
We believe that the three most important fundamentals in any successful administration are the timeous collection of rentals, effective tenant liaison and clear reporting to clients on a monthly basis. The Maxprop Property Manager’s believe in being "hands on" to Maximise returns to owners, to enhance the performance of the investment and to protect the long term value of the client's properties.

The Maxprop Management team consists of Property Managers, Leasing Co-ordinators, Credit Controllers, and Maintenance Inspectors. The team is also backed up by a Financial Division whose staff attend to budgeting, preparing financial statements and ensuring that rentals and recoveries are accurately determined.

The property management team attend to the following:
Lease Management
Drawing up of new leases, renewals and cessions, screening prospective tenants and attending to the tenant installations. Collection of rentals and recoveries from tenants. Determining the rentals and ensuring that they are in keeping with the market.
Carry out inspections of the buildings and ensuring that maintenance is carried out where necessary, including negotiating with contractors and other professionals in this regard.
Cost Control
Ensuring that the building is run as effectively and efficiently as possible, always monitoring expenses to ensure that the building is well maintained.
Patrice Masson
Tel (Office)
(031) 701 2341
Chris Tattari
Tel (Office)
(031) 701 2341
Financial Services
The financial services arm of the Property Management Division offers the full range of support, including accounting and bookkeeping services (which can be tailor made to the client’s requirements) and management of funds on behalf of clients. Like any other investment accurate and up to date financial information is vital to enable clients to make informed decisions on their property portfolio. Assisting clients by providing this information is our primary focus. While our main objective is to provide a personal based service, this is only possible through the efficient and appropriate use of technology. As such our computer system is designed not only to ensure that accurate and up to date information is available at all times, but that this information is presented to clients in a user friendly and informative manner. We are constantly striving to ensure that the latest technology is utilized to improve efficiencies.
Property Syndications
As property is one of the three pillars of any investment portfolio, several years ago Maxprop identified the need to make this form of investment available to the smaller investor in the form of Property syndications. Maxprop pioneered the field and has been instrumental in forming a number of syndications, ranging from those consisting of a handful of investors to public companies. Similarly investment amounts can range from R20 000 to several million Rand.Most syndications have managed to achieve returns which consistently outperform inflation as well as giving the investor capital growth over a period of time, all within appropriate risk profiles. The Property Management Division provides the expertise for the ongoing management of these syndications.

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